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What separates Lodge Trackers from the hundreds of companies vying to book your safari? Why does working us benefit you more than working with a large scale organization? What makes US special, and what can we offer you that no other company can when planning your dream Kruger safari? 

Hi there – Jacqui Sive here, owner and safari specialist here at Lodge Trackers. Read on to see how working with me can completely transform your safari experience into everything you are dreaming of!

I am a one-woman operation, providing each of you with up to date and completely personalized insider advice. I pride myself in being able to assist you with every single aspect of your safari, starting with WHICH lodge is your perfect match all the way to transfers and extra activities, all while keeping YOUR EXPERIENCE as the priority.
How, you ask?

Well, I am right here. In the Kruger area. On a (non tourism!) game reserve.

Literally living and breathing safari, every single day.

Being here allows me to visit each of the reserves and the lodges on a very regular basis, which in turn allows me to give YOU every piece of insider advice you need to make choose the perfect safari lodge, ticking all of your wants, needs and of course – budget!

Being so close to nature allows me to constantly be immersed in The Wild – my office is surrounded constsntly by the wildlife of Southern Africa.

I’ve been lucky enough to be involved in raising and releasing many orphan animals including rhino, genets, squirrels, mongeese, many antelope species, bush babies and more. This has enabled me to understand, amongst other things, the value of experiencing our incredible wildlife.

Living on a fully functioning game reserve deep in the Kruger region, I can tell you what The Wild means to me.

The Wild means hearing lions call while you’re wrapped up in your cosy bed.
The Wild means waking up to an unforgettable African sunrise.
The Wild means sitting around a warm fire with a perfect glass of red wine and listening to the sounds of the night, wrapped in a blanket of clear skies and stars.
It means remembering your roots.

The most important thing for me in our work together is to ensure that your dreams are met. Whatever it is that you are envisioning, I do my absolute best to turn it into a reality for you. Whatever you see when you close your eyes and think of your safari experience, I put all of my effort into to create it for you.

The benefit of working with me is that you’re not going through 20 different people and companies for all of your needs on your safari, and you’re not being given generic suggestions that make the most money for the company. You're not discussing your special trip with someone in a country far away from your destination, or someone who visits once a year.


Instead, you’re dealing with someone who lives and breathes safari, and who can truly give you insider advice on everything from how the toilet flushes to the level of knowledge of the individual game rangers, because I visit the lodges and reserves so often.

I make it my mission to personally get to know the staff of the lodges. I peek in every corner and ask every question. I try out the beds and eat the food, and truly immerse myself in understanding the vibe of each lodge.

I tell you things you wouldn't even know about from other companies, like traversing areas and the importance of the qualifications of game rangers. I am in this FOR YOU, and purely use my knowledge and first hand experience to assist in this.

This is not a job for me, but a PASSION!

I work with almost every lodge in the Greater Kruger, providing you with a massive range of options to suit what YOU are looking for – be it a rustic and eco experience, a luxury getaway, a romantic vacation, or a memory-making trip with your family.

To understand why my clients have had such magical experiences, send me a message so we can get to know each other better.


Warmest regards from the wild,
Jacqui Sive.


"I eventually found Jacqui from LodgeTrackers and she almost instantly responded to my general inquiry and was able to help me book the most amazing trip of a lifetime! She was so knowledgeable, efficient, pleasant, and knew all the right questions to ask me to find out about our specific needs. The prices she got us were also excellent. You never had to wait for a response from her – she was so on top of everything. Using Jacqui made the planning so easy and the outcome of our trip was fabulous. I don't think I would plan a safari trip without her!" - Leah Davidson, Canada

Whether I have my perfect Kruger area destination and itinerary in mind or I am not quite sure which destination is best suited to my needs, I will definitely be in touch with Jacqui to help me organize my next safari visit! Thank you again Jacqui!" - George Koch, Canada

" It is because of Jacqui’s encouragement that I now have earned my CTA (Certified Travel Associate) and have started my own travel agency in the US.  Working with Jacqui is more than beneficial when trying to decipher all the information that is out on the internet; it is a necessity. Knowing that companies always represent themselves in the best light, Jacqui can offer true insight to what a property and the staff are really like.   I am very thankful to Jacqui for all the help she has given me over the past 2 years. I am certain I’ll use her in the future." - Bridget Koester, USA


"Fortunately, I came across some advice from Jacqui Sive on Tripadvisor and I decided to contact her.
That was THE best decision of the trip! She was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. She quickly helped us find and book a lodge that suited our interests, family and budget. . I strongly feel that we owe our amazing experience to Jacqui.She is extremely patient and answered many, many emails in great detail; you could see the smile in her letters! I strongly recommend Lodge Trackers. I only wish there were Lodge Trackers for every place I would like to visit on this planet!" - Maria Pratsos, USA





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